The Post-Art Poetics Manifesto

Understand these words to be a declaration of independence.

The gallery is an outmoded construct, serving collectors at the cost of artists. Collectors are an outmoded construct, viewing artists through the diminished lens of commodity; lobbying to protect the equity in their portfolios by discouraging the unpredictability of radical innovation. Art's evolution has stalled under the weight of these gluttonous market pressures; the timeline of art history must therefore be abandoned in the name of progress.

The definition of conceptual poetics has broadened enough for artists to hijack poetry's futureā€”to continue their work, unaltered, as poets. The act of infecting poetics returns artists to an empowered position of radical subversion while allowing them to sidestep the rampant profiteering that strangles their own culture.

The Post-Art Poets no longer self-identify as artists, abandoning all that they have built. They self-publish work, often via the modes made available by current technology. The Post-Art Poets find dependence on a publisher or gallery to be an intolerable position; instead they are institutions unto themselves.

They are outsiders; imaginary; unstoppable. The Post-Art Poets are nothing, nothing, nothing, and all is poem.

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